Today I accompanied my son to see Disney’s newest animation film “Finding Dory“. Just like previous success films of Disney this one too has its protoganist, in this case a blue coloured cute little fish getting lost and finding its way back. I liked the twist on where the home of Dory was situated, keeping it there makes it convenient for the writer to introduce humans and more actions into the story. Anyways, I was not complaining I had more than my share of joy by watching my son enjoying the film.

Amongst the many characters, the seven-legged octopus named Hank which camouflages brilliantly with the surrounding was my favourite. The climax scene where Hank drives a large truck with Dory guiding him was hilarious. The two Sea otters protecting their rock turf and Bailey a beluga whale were other impressive characters.  After “The Good Dinosaur“, yet another fun film from Disney & Pixar – please keep up the magic, the children of the world need it.


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