In recent years TiE Chennai, the chapter of global non-profit community of entrepreneurs has been organizing many Pitch festivals as a platform for budding entrepreneurs to present their ideas to investment community. As one of the charter members in TiE Chennai I was invited to be one of the juries in today’s event called “Come Make A Pitch” (CMAP), these are conducted throughout the year in a way of preparing for the big event during TiE Con.


In today’s event held in Hotel Clarion (erstwhile Hotel President) there were 7 start-ups who presented their ventures.

  1.  Infonix Weblabs by Mr.Justin Sylas who presented on a Hospitality business ecosystem, where property owners owners can directly control prices
  2. Portal for capsule stay/day booking of hotels by Mr.Balan Karunakaran of Kryalisco, a survey they did showed demands for for day stay where by Buffer inventory can be released by hotels
  3. Medcoos by Siva R on an idea to provide a SaaS based platform for Healthcare Providers (like Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacies and Diagnostic centres) to market their products/services
  4. by Rajesh Kumar who talked of his venture, which is to provide a permanent virtual address of a property, video showing 360 degree, improving the experience in rental supply & demand sides
  5. by Jagan Krishnamurthi of Lumino Technologies, whose portal is to provide everything from event signage to interactive experiences for attendees to the utilization of social media at events, bookings and more
  6. FEGO by Saravana is an Employee Performance Management software. FEGO is targeted towards 500 – 1000 employee companies
  7. by Sabin Rodriguez is a portal to help  in finding a venue for an event to making a booking at the hotel. They are in operations in Chennai currently and generating good revenues. Their solution is based on Microsoft .NET Platform (which made me happy to hear!)

I would have preferred to see some “different” ideas, but I then remembered that any idea is only one of the ingredients for a business, what matters most are execution & marketing. If any of the above promoters manage to bring in operation excellence and cool branding they can become successful.

I enjoyed hearing the presentations, All the best to the seven presenters who were on stage today. Thanks TiE Chennai.

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