When I was a kid I was not into Lego that much nor I am a kid now, then why did I watch The Lego Movie (2014) today?. My son asked me to join him, I did and I didn’t want to walk away, that’s why.

With all the hype about the movie I was expecting a much grandeur plot and execution. Nevertheless it was watchable and a bit entertaining.

As expected the  movie is about what happens in a world where everything and everyone are made of Lego blocks. The story is about how a common building laborer is mistaken for being “special”, a saviour of world. There is a bit of one sided love, a bad guy, an all knowing Guru and lot of action. I liked the climax when the whole Lego world gets zoomed out and we see a small boy playing – wait for it – in his father’s Lego room. That was a nice twist, a self serving for marketing Lego across age groups I should point out.

Watch this film if you are along with kids, otherwise don’t bother.


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