Any discussion of 1960s Hollywood movies is sure to bring up the movie “The Graduate”, it was liked so much. The film was directed by Mike Nichols who is one of the few people who have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar & Tony Award, Mike won Academy Award for The Graduate.

The movie’s story is simple but one that resonate well with the audience. It shows how quickly a young man’s life can fall down when he gives in to lust and also its possible for him to get up, dust and run with his life. The story happens in Los Angeles of 1960s (which was interesting to watch and compare with present day LA) with handful characters and locations limited to two houses, two hotel rooms, Berkeley and few streets.


Looking the movie with 21st century eyes & values, I felt the characters of Ben and Mrs.Robinson were shown divided on sharp lines – Black (Bad) and White (Good), when in reality people are Grey falling in between.

Apart from the story I feel the reason for the movie’s success is the fast pace of story telling. There is no lengthy dialogues, crying and emotional scenes. Almost all the scenes are brief & crispy, and there is literally no unnecessary scenes as well.


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