I remember when Windows 95, the themes (desktop wallpaper, icon packs and sounds) were a craze. You had a whole load of beautiful themes distributed by Microsoft and more by third parties. But over the years the interest for themes dropped, mainly due to the inertia associated with change and we all became used to the standard dull defaults. Windows Vista was the worst offender in this with the most boring set of themes ever shipped by a version of Windows – it took the remaining charm out of themes.

Now with Windows 7, Microsoft seems to have turned attention to making Themes interesting once again. The other day I noticed two new theme sets online, one titled “India” and other “Colors of India” – both showing the essence of India very nicely. Later I found more beautiful themes, like the Bing’s Best for Japan and more.

If you are still using default theme, it is time you changed it. All it takes is a right-click on the Desktop in your Windows 7, select Personalize, then clicking on “Get More themes online”. And remember to download Themes only from Microsoft.com website for safety.


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