Photoshop is a theory subject?

I am not an academician or a teacher, even then I fail to understand on how  Photoshop can be a theory subject?. It seems it is so in some schools in Chennai (may be in other schools across India) for students of VII standard. See the below notebook of a Class VII student who has written about Photoshop “Brush” and selecting Colours from the textbook. When I saw my niece having a textbook on Photoshop I was curious and on examining it turns out they teach in class “Photoshop” as a theory subject and are expected to answer exams on the same.

Photoshop notes for class vii students

I may be biased here, as I didn’t have any formal computer science education and my engineering discipline was Electronics & Communication and all my computer learning has been practical and self-taught.


  • anonymous

    Really i was shocked while reading this post. how they are teaching photoshop as theoretical subject because i am from the E-learning community and we are developing tutorials for all IT software’s.

  • Venkatarangan TNC

    I was told by the student that there is practical lab time in front of computers (1 per 2 students) given where they can try out and learn PhotoShop. And there is no exams, only internal tests given. What surprised me was the need to write notes (copy from Textbook) about PhotoShop.

  • Satheesh Ramamurthy

    I am more fascinated by the questions! With my limited knowledge of photoshop, I would say that Questions 2 and 3 are advanced PS users questions. General use photoshopers use the brush that is available as default in the software. I am divided as to the theoritical nature of PS. One one hand you can never "learn" PS from a textbook, but equally so theoretical knowledge does go a long way. I would support this provided the excersise is backed up by actual time in the lab asking students to demonstrate the tasks / skills.


  • Karthik

    This is just shocking. I wonder if someone who prepares the curriculum actually thinks about how these things could be applied to the students in real life. I bet today’s students are much sharper and knowledgeable than the teachers in some subjects.They might have already learned how to use to Photoshop at home. It is those unfortunate kids who don’t have access to computers at home who will be at a disadvantage.