Courtesy: The Economic Times 24 September 2008

The Economic Times – 24/Sep/2008

I was surprised by the first page of Economic Times newspaper today. First, there was no colour it was all Black, then the headlines. For about 15 to 20  minutes I was left scratching my head trying to make sense of the headlines I was reading and re-reading.

The headlines were:

Sensex hits year’s low at 2832 points (I even checked the latest stock market figures in TV after reading this)

Now, pay your bills via ATM (haven’t this feature been there for years now? )

– Infosys income rises 115% to Rs.98.43 cr (Something was wrong here, they do more than that figure in a week now)

Incoming calls are now free and Rs.4 /min for outgoing calls (This is when I started becoming suspicious)

– Crude Near $10 (Now I know for sure this is a prank, looking up the mast-head I saw the date as September 1998)

It turned out to be a prank by Economic Times to “Commemorate 10 years of the Economic Times Awards” and the great journey Indian Inc. has made in the last 10 years. Very nice work by ET, kudos to their team who imagined and pulled off this coup.

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