I saw this documentary titled “Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Reverse Park” (Original German dubbed to English) on my Lufthansa flight (Frankfurt to Seattle) last week – imagine they had only this worthwhile to watch. Overall Lufthansa hardly had a dozen movies and absolutely no comedy TV Shows in their in-flight entertainment – it is one of the things I don’t like in Lufthansa. And they don’t offer a hygiene kit (toothpaste, socks, perfume) either individually (or) even have it in the restrooms. Lufthansa, please charge one or two dollars more and offer a decent hygiene kit – with airport security and restrictions on carrying liquids and paste it is difficult for us to bring it ourselves.

Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Reverse Park (2007)

Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Reverse Park (2007)

OK, enough of my airline ranting, coming back to the documentary. It is a retro comedy that talks about gender differences – a mix of biology lessons and a love storyline of two couples. Acted by Benno Furmann and Jessica Schwarz. Fun to watch especially how couples fall in love, fall out and then fall back in love. Nice to watch on an aeroplane while killing the time.

Footnote: Native speakers of Non-English languages, pardon my ignorance and dumb description here. When I had to type Furmann’s name with the non-English U character with a dash on top, I went to the Windows Character Map application to copy it. That’s when I saw there are 6 different variations of U, 5 of them having a symbol on top (Tilde, Dash, Half Moon, Circle, Double quotes) and the sixth one having a hook on the bottom. Interesting isn’t it?

Windows Character Map with 6 U Character variations

Windows Character Map with 6 U Character variations

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