In Western countries, this may not be a news item, but in a country like India where infrastructure works are known to take years due to multi-party vote-bank politics, bureaucracy, lack of planning, and corruption this is indeed a news item worth being blogged. I was pleasantly surprised to hear this news. Last week in Srirangam (my mother’s home town) Southern Railways in 5 Hours (yes you read it correctly) completed sewage work by removing and fixing the tracks. This rail line is a busy one and it was commendable they finished the work with minimum disruption to traffic.

//The work started at around 10 a.m. Around 150 labourers were engaged in the exercise. A total of 24 pre-cast concrete box segments, each weighing 18 metric tonnes, were placed one by one after removing the earth up to 3.8 m below the formation to a total length of about 40 metres//

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