No formal training, poor nutrition in childhood, parents working as labourers in brick kiln yet S.Santhi has made all Indians proud. In the Doha Asian Games, S.Santhi a girl from Kattakurichi village in Pudukottai district, Tamilnadu has won Silver in 800metres.

Best Wishes to Santhi and her parents who had the courage to see her through this. Great, Quick decision by Tamil Nnadu Government to award her with Rs.15 Lakhs to help her to continue. We need more such cash awards from all quarters – so that young prospective athletes go for it big and not suffer for economic considerations.

I hope and pray that more Santhi’s of India won worldwide recognition. India cannot rest on its laurels just as World Economic powerhouse when out of 1.2 Billion people we score pathetic in all athletic events including Olympics.

Read the full story here from “The Hindu”

Update 19/12/06: It was disappointing to read about the sudden turn of events in this story. Shanti had failed a “Gender Medical Test” and OCA has asked for return of her medal.

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