Recently in many Microsoft Presentations and in blogs by MS Employees, I noticed a new Windows XP theme. I searched on the, MS Windows XP Plus but couldn’t find it. Since it was used by MS I was sure it was not a 3rd Party add-on; I don’t like 3rd Party add-ons as almost all of them require you to run an application which takes up CPU and Memory. Only the *.theme files that come default with Windows XP, doesn’t require any additional code to run.

Eventually I figured out that the theme was called “Energy Blue” and comes with Windows XP Media Center Edition, I was lazy to install Media Center just for getting to this theme. The other day in newsletter, I was lucky to find a link to a 3rd party installable that had this theme ready to install. I downloaded it from here and it worked beautifully. The best part is that this download doesn’t add any executable, it just bundles the Energy Blue Theme files as it is, which can be installed in Windows XP Professional.

Till Windows Vista, this will give your desktop a fresh look for some time. Enjoy!

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