I have been trying out Firefox and Opera, mostly on-and-off and always reverting back to Internet Explorer. What I liked in these alternate browsers are their tabbed browsing feature. Ofcourse, there are IE based alternate browsers also – Applications that use IE’s Rendering Engine, in other words wrappers around IE. After trying many of these IE based alternatives, I seem have found something I like – “Avant Browser”. I have been using Avant for over 2 weeks now and I didn’t have a single reason to go back to “Vanilla” Internet Explorer.

Avant Browser Screenshot showing Tamil Related Websites

Avant is a small download (less than 1.3MB). It is absolutely free (free as in free beer), no spyware or adwares. The things I like in Avant, are its simple UI and the tabbed browsing that works – capturing almost all new window creations. A recently added feature is a new toolbar “Similar Websites” that shows a menu with websites that are related to the current webpage you are seeing. The surprise in this for me was that it works even for “Tamil” websites – and as the Red Arrow on the image above shows, it even shows the menus in Tamil.

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