I appreciate the honesty of the director, Vignesh Sha. He announces in the opening credit roll, that the audience shouldn’t expect any logic or realism in the film. Single Shankarum Smartphone Simranum (2023), starring Shiva is a comedy version of the Oscar-winning Her (2013). The screenplay was mindless and if not for Shiva, the film would’ve been tougher to watch. There were many dull moments, yet I had fun watching the film. It gets a Raw rating on the mangoidiots scale.

Megha Akash has done her role as the Artificial-Intelligence avatar well. Anju Kurian appears too young as the love interest for Shiva. Sha Ra & Bagavathi Perumal played important characters. Joining them was singer Mano, who was hilarious in his attempts to find love for him at the age of 55. I liked the song “Soru Dhaan Mukkiyam”, it shows the fun side of the tough job of food delivery in the gig economy.

We watched the movie in an almost empty theatre in PVR Aero, Chennai on the opening day, evening show!

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