A group of seven roommates from Kerala are staying together in an independent house in Karnataka. The dynamics between them and their everyday life are narrated in an unusually relaxed way, seen only in Malayalam films. Director Jithu Madhavan and the actors Soubin Shahir, Sajin Gopu & others have made an ordinary film, a special one. Gets ripe on the mangoidiots scale.

When you have seven characters, with no backstory for any of them, it is not easy to leave an impression about each of them on the audience, yet Romancham succeeds in that effortlessly. By just watching a few minutes of their walk or the few words they utter across the room we are able to understand their individual personalities. The screenplay has maintained the balance of being only a comedy and not turning into a spooky film, which would’ve been too tempting.

There were many small scenes which were noteworthy, like the burying of rats and then placing a cross on each of their burial spots. Or the scene where a local bigshot gets tongue-tied after participating in the game played by the roommates.

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