For the youth of today, their centre of universe and lifeline is their mobile phones. Love Today (2022) directed and acted by Pradeep Ranganathan spotlights this trend in a humorous fashion. What made the film different was its treatment of the story – it was completely relatable and there was no preaching, moral advice or crime-solving. The audience in the theatre voted yes for the film, and following them, mangoidiots gives a Ripe.

Ivana as Nikitha and the love interest of the hero has delivered a convincing performance. Pradeep Ranganathan in his debut as an actor has made a fine effort, but almost in every frame, he reminds us of a young Dhanush. Pradeep will do well to cast this away and come up with a different body language and style. It was cookie-cutter roles for veteran Radhika as the mother of the hero, and Sathyaraj as the father of the heroine who both have done them well. I didn’t understand why the caste of Sathyaraj‘s character needed to be highlighted, thankfully it played no role in the storytelling. Yogi Babu and Raveena Ravi (of OKKM 2017 fame) have supporting roles and they both were memorable.

A significant portion of the story travels on Whatsapp chats, instead of showing them as endless lists of texts or audio files playing, the film visualizes them through split screens and live characters. The cinematography by Dinesh Purushothaman was good. Go to the theatres to enjoy this film or watch it on Netflix as it releases soon.

Pradeep Ranganathan and Ivana

Pradeep Ranganathan and Ivana

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