A large family with three brothers and one sister, four to five couples, and misaligned affections should’ve been a perfect plot for a comedy from Sundar C. Unfortunately, a weak screenplay has resulted in a decaf coffee that was lukewarm. I am puzzled about why Yogi Babu and Kingsley were so under-utilized. Coffee with Kadhal (2022) gets a ‘rotten’ in our mangoidiots score.

Srikanth, Jiiva and Jai play the role of three sons to the character of Pratap Pothen, it was sad to see the underrated actor in Kollywood perform in what is likely to be his last film. DD (Dhivyadharshini) comes as the sister to the three brothers and she was the only one who fits the character and feels part of the family – all others come out as paying guests staying in an Airbnb accommodation. Her character connects with her brothers and helps them in a silly way to follow their hearts, kudos to DD. There are four female leads played by Malvika Sharma, Amritha Aiyer, Raiza Wilson and Aishwarya Dutta. I liked Amritha Aiyer‘s acting in the role which reminded me of Nithya Menen in Thiruchitrambalam (2022). The other three were mostly forgettable.

The music for the songs by Yuvan Shankar Raja missed the mark by a mile. Arya and VTV Ganesh’s cameo appearance in the climax was one of the few humorous moments in the film.

Coffee with Kadhal (2022)

Coffee with Kadhal (2022)

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