I like Dhanush, and I admire Selvaraghavan, an underrated director of Kollywood, so I was expecting a lot from their combination in this film, Naane Varuvean (2022). Instead, the film, a paranormal turned out to be average to say kindly. The story and screenplay proceed on the expected lines with no twists or surprises. Dhanush, known for his acting versatility has given a similar performance for both the roles (double-action) he plays. The movie gets a mangoidiots rating of Raw.

Other than Dhanush, none of the other characters in the film leaves an impression. Prabhu comes as a trained Psychiatrist, but his prescription to the father whose daughter is possessed is to follow the instructions of the ghost – what kind of Doctor advises this? Indhuja Ravichandran appears as the stereotypical housewife, who has no say in the well-being of her daughter. The background for the twins (the two roles played by Dhanush) turning out to be good and bad is not established well. Yogi Babu was monotonous.

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