Sundari (2021) is a Telugu drama featuring Shamna Kasim aka Poorna and Arjun Ambati. It is available on Amazon Prime Video and gets a ‘Raw’ rating.

The film follows the life of a young bride hailing from a village, married hurriedly to a software engineer in Hyderabad after the hero falls in love after the first sight of her. Transplanted to a new environment, with no support system or family to comfort her, she is faced with solving an impossible situation in her own way.

The story is not a new one, we have seen variations of it in Indian cinema and World cinema, but Sundari handles it in a half-baked manner. The film is saved by the climax and fine acting by Poorna, who has played the mental turmoil faced by the character well. I fail to see a reason why her parents didn’t join her in Hyderabad to help her settle down after the marriage or they don’t visit her during her trying moments? Her husband’s character comes out unconvincing.

If you can bear slow narration and logic gaps, you may try Sundari (2021).

Sundari (2021)

Sundari (2021)

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