Malaysia to Amnesia (2021) is a comedy film by Director Radha Mohan whose lesser-known films like Uppu Karuvaadu (2015) and Brindavanam (2017) I liked too apart from the popular ones like Abhiyum Naanum (2008) and Mozhi (2007).

M2A stars Vaibhav & Vani Bhojan, but the true heroes of the film were M S Bhaskar and Karunakaran, from the beginning they dominate every scene and have turned a wafer-thin plot, into a fun film. It is available on Zee5 Premium.

Arunkumar (Played by Vaibhav) is a successful businessman, happily married to Sujatha (Vani Bhojan) and blessed with a cute chubby girl (Colgate Vedika). Yet, he has an affair with a girlfriend Bhavana (Riya Suman), which he wishes to maintain as a secret to his family. What happens to his affair, did Sujatha find out Arun’s secret forms the story

Vani Bhojan has done the familiar role in Kollywood, of a naive housewife well. Vaibhav has given an acceptable performance, I liked his earlier films Lockup (2020) which too was in Zee5 or Sixer (2019), but in this one, I felt some other actor could’ve brought to life this role better.

After a good start, the screenplay quickly loses steam with the climax saving the day. Without any expectations, if you watch this is a nice time pass.

மலேசியா டூ அம்னீஷியா

மலேசியா டூ அம்னீஷியா

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