Thunder Force (2021) is a sci-fi comedy that you wish was never made. It is about two ladies enhanced scientifically with superpowers who try to save the city of Chicago from Miscreants, who are sociopaths transformed by cosmic rays to acquire destructive powers.

Taylor Mosby impresses us as the young brilliant scientist. With her chubby and smiling appearance, Melissa McCarthy can make the most non-sensical comedies to be fun and enjoyable. In this, she tries her best but the screenplay by Ben Falcone offers her no help. Octavia Spencer had given memorable performances in movies like Hidden Figures (2016), and The Shape of Water (2017), but has got a poor one in this. On-screen there was no connection between the two lead actors, though they are supposed to be childhood friends, and even after working together in saving the world, they come out cold!

Till the end, I couldn’t figure out what was the purpose of Octavia’s character having invisibility power?

Melissa McCarthy & Octavia Spencer  - Thunder Force

Melissa McCarthy & Octavia Spencer – Thunder Force

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