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Hello Charlie (2021)

Hello Charlie (2021) is a Hindi comedy film directed by Pankaj Saraswat. The byline of the movie which is available on Amazon Prime Video summaries the story and it proceeds predictably. It is of a fugitive billionaire who plans to escape the country, hides inside a Gorilla costume and gets his girlfriend to hire a trucker to transport the cage with the “Gorilla” from Mumbai to Diu. The film is a mindless comedy, manages to tickle you few times, kids will like it, for adults becomes tiring after some time. It gets a mangoidiots rating of ‘Raw’.

The protagonist is the trucker, played by Aadar Jain, he is clumsy, naive yet heroic when the heroine Padma (Shhloka Pandit) asks him to be. The movie gets as formulaic as it can get – one song for the hero in a Dhaba, an item song in a circus, the moronic hero saving the heroine from the clutches of a villain, a drunkard veterinarian doctor, corrupt police, a real African Gorilla escaping and getting mixed up with the fake, and, so on.

Hello Charlie (2021)
Hello Charlie (2021)

Jackie Shroff as the fugitive billionaire though having limited scope has given a reasonable act. Aadar Jain & Shhloka Pandit were fine for the roles. There were a few scenes which young children will find to be amusing, like when the Gorilla changes the tyre of the truck, pushing the truck or dancing.

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