Saajan Bakery (2021) is a Malayalam Comedy Drama about the rough relationship between a sister and her brother, who run a local bakery in Ranni, Kerala founded by their father. The film didn’t offer anything out of ordinary, but it was simple and had characters that were unpretentious and relatable to the audience – for this reason(s) I liked the film and gets a Mangoidiots rating of ‘Raw’. It is available on Amazon Prime Video.

The story happens around a small bakery founded by Saajan in 1962 and after his passing away being run his children Betsy and Bobin, along with their uncle Cherian (Saajan’s Brother-In-Law). After being married for ten years, following a misunderstanding with her husband Betsy (Lena) is back to their house where controls the life of her brother Bobin (Aju Varghese). Bobin has a strained relationship with his sister, he cares for her well-being but also wants her out so that he can independently run the household and the bakery. Instead of talking directly, the two try convoluted ways to communicate and finally realise the strong affection between them. In parallel to this, a young lady Merin (Ranjita Menon) falls in love with Bobin who harbours conservative ideas about women.

The way Merin approaches Bobin and shares her feelings towards him was humorous, bold and uncommon for Indian cinema, which is known for the men approaching the lady. The relationship between the trio: Bobin, Betsy and Cherian has been pictured nicely by Director Arun Chandu. In the first half, a good portion of the story moves with messaging in WhatsApp, which soon becomes tiresome.

Saajan Bakery was a warm, feel-good film that can be seen only in Malayalam cinema and that made it different & enjoyable.

Grace Antony, Ranjita Menon & Lena - Saajan Bakery (2021)

Grace Antony, Ranjita Menon & Lena – Saajan Bakery (2021)

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