The Trap (2019) is a comedy movie about a talented chef who throws away his successful career to turn around their family chicken joint to save the life of his mother. This is a low-budget film that was predictable and amateurish in many places but was tolerable thanks to some good acting by T.I. It gets a mangoidiots rating of ‘Rotten’ and available on Netflix.

Sonny (T.I.) is the chef of a Michelin star restaurant who gets promoted to be the head chef of a new restaurant in Los Angeles. That’s when he returns home to Atlanta to be with his mother and brother. He is shocked to find their family business, a single chicken restaurant has been run down and badly managed by his brother. The brothers learn their mother needs surgery and that’s going to cost them a lot of money. They start adding illegal substances to their chicken, turning their restaurant into a run-away success. What happens next is the story?

If the above plot doesn’t sound stupid to you, then you can give this film a try. The entire story happens within the African-American community in Atlanta and the lead actors have done their role well. The plot held a lot of promise, T.I. and Loretta Devine (Mother of Sonny) were great, but unfortunately, as the screenplay portrays the community stereotypically, and there is no cohesiveness it all falls flat.

The Trap (2019) - Blazin' Jay's - Chicken Shack

The Trap (2019) – Blazin’ Jay’s – Chicken Shack

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