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Operation Christmas Drop (2020)

I wanted a feel-good movie to end the year and Operation Christmas Drop (2020) was one of those canned cookies that Hollywood releases every year around the season, and was what I was looking. It is available on Netflix.

The film takes the idea of the US Air Force along with their allies dropping off Christmas presents to far-off islands in Micronesia and spins a rom-com around. Erica (played by Kat Graham) who works for a Congresswoman keen to have the Airbase in Guam closed and the Christmas drops are seen to be an indication of the splurge that’s happening in the base on US taxpayers dollars. Erica is sent to the base on an assignment to prepare a report for the closure, there she is enchanted by the island’s charm and the people’s warmth. Did the base get saved or closed is the story.

The internal struggle that Erica goes through between doing her job and to help the local communities by not having their lifeline taken away, comes out well. Without that the film would’ve been flat and boring. Though the screenplay was predictable, Director Martin Wood can be forgiven for giving a perfect Christmas film.

Kat Graham as Erica and Alexander Ludwig as Captain Andrew Jantz
Kat Graham as Erica and Alexander Ludwig as Captain Andrew Jantz

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