Dagaalty aka Dackalti (2020) is supposed to be an action-comedy film. It turned out to be having neither of them. The film starts with a Chandamama era scene of a villain (can be seen as an evil king) drawing the image of his dream girl and tasking his sidekicks to go in search of her. Our hero, a petty thief stumbles on the girl, tricks her to accompany him and then “sells” her to the villain, only to rescue her in the climax. If reading these two sentences is wearying, imagine watching it for two hours!

I like Santhanam as a hero and some of his films like the recent Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 was enjoyable. But betting only on his counter dialogues and nothing else is not the way to make a film. Yogi Babu has tried his best to squeeze some comedy from the lifeless script, but with the limited scope he was given, he fails too. Rittika Sen in her debut movie seems acceptable, but she should try being herself, and not imitating the other heroines.

It is 2020, still, we see heroines (even if she is well educated, a college graduate) portrayed as naive objects of beauty that you are free to kidnap and sell. Add to the insult, she falls in love with the guy who mercilessly kidnaps and tricks her for money!

டகால்டி (2020) - தமிழ் படம் - சந்தானம், ரித்திக்கா சென், யோகி பாபு

டகால்டி (2020), தமிழ் படம் – சந்தானம், ரித்திக்கா சென், யோகி பாபு

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