Oh! Baby (2019) is a must-watch film to celebrate this festival season. All of us dream of becoming young again, in this film which has been adopted from the Korean film “Miss Granny”, that’s what happens. How a 70-year-grandmother “Baby”, played well by veteran Lakshmi, receives a Lord Ganesa talisman, that transforms her to a 24-year-old lady (Savitri) played brilliantly by Samantha. With her new-found youth, she gets to relive her life on her own terms with none of the constraints she had in her first life. Unfortunately, getting all that you had ever dreamed of can have unintended consequences and how Savitri handles them is the climax.

I watched the Tamil dubbed version, still, the screenplay had been done well. Even though it is a fantasy story, the characters are portrayed realistically and the story moves along as it would in our daily life. The dialogues have a thread of comedy throughout that was enjoyable.

The real highlight of the film has been Samantha Akkineni‘s career-best acting, I never thought she had this talent within her, through her body language and dialogue delivery, she brings out a 70-year-old self effortlessly. Kudos to her. Actor Rajendra Prasad who comes as the friend of “Baby” has played his role very well too.

Oh! Baby (2019) - Telugu-language comedy film - Samantha Akkineni & Lakshmi

Oh! Baby (2019) – Telugu-language comedy film – Samantha Akkineni & Lakshmi

Available on Netflix India.

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