Kaithi (2019) stars Karthi & Narain. A convict-on-parole “Delhi” (Karthi) is tasked with saving the lives of 40 senior police officers in Trichy, drugged and unconscious they are being chased by a blood-thirsty drug gang.  How Delhi is saving them in the typical Kollywood style of using his fists is the story, yes this is certainly improbable to happen in real life, but the premise was interesting and felt different from the cookie-cutter films.

Karthi runs with the entire film single-handedly and kudos to him for that. In a few places, the screenplay loses steam, but he manages to resurrect it. An old British era building is shown to be the Commissioner of Police office in Tiruchirappalli, and the story revolves around the building. It is a complete action film with no heroine, no flashbacks, and, no songs. There is a small thread of a daughter sentiment which could’ve been explored a bit further.

Check out this film. A good watch.

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