Oththa Seruppu Size 7 (2019) is a film that is unlike anything else that Kollywood has made. A demonstration of the power of a great story and when told by a master on how it can evoke the right emotions in the audience.

So, what is the film about? It is about a police interrogation of a murder suspect with a heavy past. For the full two hours, we see only one person (R. Parthiban) and the room he is questioned. It is not a monologue, others in the room do speak and we see the objects they bring in and take out. To keep the audience engaged this way requires remarkable creativity and the proof of its success is that we don’t miss anything, we are able to clearly visualise all the characters in our minds.

C. Sathya who has done the background score and Cinematographer Ramji have done an extraordinary job in keeping the pace of the film moving. Kudos to them.

Unlike most other Tamil films, the title perfectly fits the story, and, the climax satisfies the build-up created till then. If you wish to watch a good ‘cinema’ and have the patience for an unconventional one, then don’t miss out ஒத்த செருப்பு, R. Parthiban has a treat in store for you.

This film is meant to be enjoyed in a cinema hall with its inherent ambience and the audience cheering, without which it may feel like a long soliloquy.

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