In all his movies, irrespective of the character he is playing, Vijay Antony “acts” as if he has deep secrets and an intense personality. This film is no exception, but luckily for Vijay Antony, the story being an unusual murder mystery suits him well.

Kolaigaran (2019) starts with the confession of Vijay Antony of murdering someone to the police inspector played by Arjun. Did he really the murderer or not, and, why is the story. Unlike, most in this genre, the film doesn’t go for a grand reveal, instead, like an onion, the suspense is lifted one at a time, still, till the end, we are kept hooked – Director Andrew Louis deserves applause for this.

I grew up watching action films by action king Arjun, and I was happy he has got adequate importance and his character was not overshadowed by the hero. Arjun has done his role well. As the officer in charge of the murder case, he discusses often with a retired police officer (played by Nassar), though this was superfluous, it will help casual viewers to understand the proceedings and it advances the story without having detailed narrations.

The first song “Kollathey Kollathey” by music director Simon K.King has a catchy tune, unfortunately, both Vijay Antony and the heroine from Australia Ashima Narwal waste it by their lack of dancing skills. It was good to see on big screen veteran actress Seetha after a long time.

Check out this film, at 110 minutes, it is not tiring.

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