Pray for Nesamani

Praying for Nesamani

Today being a Friday, the auspicious day in the week according to the Hinduism for prayers, I am starting a temple pilgrimage, praying for the speedy recovery of our beloved contractor Mr Nesamani!

#Pray_for_Naesamani #PrayforNaesamani #PrayforNesamani

P.S.: For the social media uninitiated, “Pray for Naesamani” is a hashtag topic that is trending for the last two days across India. It is a reference to a Tamil film called Friends (2001) in which comedian Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu appearing as a contractor gets injured when a hammer accidentally falls on his head. Even the BBC had published a story about this trend.

Tamil Nadu State Police - Wear Helmet to avoid INJURIES
Tamil Nadu State Police getting on the trend – Wear Helmet to avoid INJURIES

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