Though all his story selections have a familiar feeling to them, M. Sasikumar manages to give movies that are interesting and well taken. Asuravadham (2018) is one such film that is worth watching.

The revenge thriller starts off with a local shop owner receiving a threatening phone call from Sasikumar – there starts the chase which runs till the climax – never in hiding Sasikumar keeps chasing, hurting his target every single time but ensuring he is not dead yet. The victim almost loses his mind, trying to find out the identity of Sasikumar and why he is being hunted. Aided by some excellent background score, the first hour of this constant cat ‘and’ mouse game keeps us gripped – during the time, Director Maruthupandian maintains the right mix of comedy, action and suspense, good work which was absent in the second half.

The film was entirely about the two main actors – Sasikumar and Vasumithra, who has done his role as the victim with a secret past very well. In the flashback, which was kept to the minimum – something I liked a lot – Sasikumar happens to be in Qatar on the phone hearing live the horrible thing happening back home, but unable to do anything about it, he has brought the emotions in his face during the call very well.

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