Yeidhavan (எய்தவன்) ) stars Kalaiyarasan (Madras Anbu) and Satna Titus (of Pichaikkaran fame)Krishna (Kalaiyarasan) runs a business selling currency-counting machines, his little sister has been dreaming of becoming a doctor. Unfortunately, with a few marks she loses out getting into the Government quota, Krishna pays Rs.50 Lakhs to a broker and gets her a seat in a private medical college (GGM). The college’s license is withdrawn by the Medical Council of India putting the fate of students to question. Meanwhile, Krishna’s sister is killed in an accident and he pledges to take his revenge on the guilty. To do this, he joins hands with a local rowdy.

A familiar storyline that has been presented a bit differently. I wished the movie progressed faster, it was too slow for no apparent reason. Kalaiyarasan who gave a good performance in “Adhe Kangal (2017)“comes out uneasy in his role throughout. Satna Titus has absolutely no role, other than appearing for a duet song.

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