Continuing on my film watch at the Chennai International Film Festival today morning I saw a Puerto Rican / Colombian film – Fragments of Love (Fragmentos de Amor). Directed by Fernando Vallejo, based on Colombian novelist Héctor Abad Faciolince’s novel Fragments of Furtive Love the story is about lovers Rodrigo Borrero and Susana Mejia played brilliantly by José Ángel Bichir & Angélica Blandon.

Rodrigo is a talented pianist who suffers from memories of his dead wife and is unable to compose any new music. One day while tuning the piano of his friend Rodrigo meets Susana his friend’s fiancé, next day he rescues her after a bomb blast in the streets and brings her to his apartment where they get close to each other. To make Rodrigo forget his worries Susana starts telling him erotic stories of her past relationships, her boyfriends included a Priest, Painter, Blind, Ornithologist and Photographer. The stories intrigue Rodrigo to make him forget his past, as their relationship develops he starts feeling insecure about losing Susana to another man. Finally, his jealousy undoes what was going on between them.

The film was all about the romance involved and Angélica Blandón fits the role perfectly, she appears sensual in every scene especially when she narrates her stories the audience gets transported to the happenings.

Fragments of Love (Fragmentos de Amor)

Fragments of Love (Fragmentos de Amor)

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