Vellaiya Irukiravan Poi Solla Maatan (வெள்ளையா இருக்கிறவன் பொய் சொல்ல மாட்டான்) is an interesting take on love for ailing father, revenge on former girl friend and the hold the powerful have over our government machinery. Karthick (played by Praveen Kumar) with his wife and new born has recently settled in USA, returns immediately on hearing the news his father Ramalingam, a retired professor is suffering from cancer. In order to raise money for his dad’s surgery, Karthik borrows money from a local shark money lender Rajagopal (played by Arul Dass) and rest of the story is what Karthik does to escape from his clutches. I liked the scene where Rajagopal himself warns Karthik, “Don’t borrow from me, think 1000 times before you borrow from me, it will ruin your life“, showing the underlying motive of money sharks is not to recklessly lend and loss their capital.

Unable to repay Rajagopal, Karthik asks his friend Mani (played by Bala) to blackmail his former girlfriend Pooja (played by Shalini Vadnikatti). Pooja turns around and asks help from Karthik to blackmail her wealthy doctor husband Raghu (played by Karthik Kumar). The Doctor in turns blackmails a  contractor whose daughter got an illegal abortion performed by the doctor some years back. The contractor blackmails the real estate firm he does work for, who in turn blackmail a police officer for whom they build secret hideouts. The chain continues to a IAS officer, wealthy businessman, his powerful lawyer father in law and so on, finally reaching a powerful don Periyavar (played by Aadukalam Naren). The movie ends with a game of brain and emotions played by Periyavar and Karthik.

Good performance by the lead actors Praveen Kumar and Shalini VadnikattiV. Jayaprakash as an ailing father has played his role well, with Aadukalam Naren competing with him in performance in the climax scene. Director A.L. Abanindran has given a fast paced comedy film, the second half could’ve used a bit of trimming.



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