Sakalakala Vallavan 2015 (சகலகலா வல்லவன் அப்பாடக்கர்) starring Jeyam Ravi is a two heroine story. Shakthi (played by Jeyam Ravi), a village youth and Anjali (played by Anjali) love each other to the dislike of Anjali’s likely fiancé & her uncle’s son Chinnasamy (played by Soori). To revenge that Chinnasamy tries to get Shakthi’s aunt daughter Divya (played by Trisha) to love him, Divya is already engaged to a 3rd person, a Police Officer. In twist of events, which was easy to guess  and the main reason for the screen play to fall flat, Shakthi is forced to marry Divya. The newly wed couple don’t get along and what happens after that is rest of the story.

Anjali is a talented actress whose performance in her earlier movies were memorable, her role in this movie certainly won’t be joining that list. Anjali will do herself a favour by changing her makeup artist and going to gym regularly, it took me thirty minutes to identify it’s Anjali.

The first hour of the film  was dominated by Soori with half-witty comedy, second half was mostly Vivek who appears in double action, probably the Director didn’t believe the screen play he wanted maximum comedy firepower. Unfortunately Vivek’s comedy was substantially vulgar and unimpressive. If the film was to be classified under comedy genre, then it will be thanks to the last ten minutes comedy sequence by Naan Kadavul Rajendran, who plays the role of a Police Inspector who gets caught in the husband & wife tussle to loose his job and living.

One more film like this and Jeyam Ravi risks being forgotten by his fans, the title does a disservice to Kamal’s classic by the same name.


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