Mahabalipuram (மகாபலிபுரம்) starts with veteran actor Sathyaraj’s voice-over introducing the movie as one being based on true events that happen in the life of five friends who are local residents of the tourist town. Anticipating to see a different side of Mahabalipuram, away from the rock temples, Director Don Sandy has delivered a below-average film. Vinayak, Vithika Sheru, Karunakaran & Ramesh Thilak have starred in the film. The 111 minutes running time of the movie, makes it the shortest Tamil film in recent times, but it feels like it was due to a lack of skill in storytelling.

The saving grace of the movie was the bloody and quick climax of mass killing (மகாபலி) as revenge. The film is based on a story on how innocent girls are tricked to be exploited by the underworld but feels like a Dosa that was not turned over on both sides in the pan. The friendship and the bond between five friends never get established, the two love stories told comes out flat with romance nowhere to be seen between the characters. The locals shown as sculptors and tourist guides falling in love with foreigners is nothing but cliche. Lastly how much ever I try everything about the film feels unoriginal.

மகாபலிபுரம் (2015)

மகாபலிபுரம் (2015)

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