I watched this comedy movie “Better Living Through Chemistry” starring Sam Rockwell & Olivia Wilde today. The movie got released earlier this year, with only 22% rating in Rotten Tomatoes but I was looking for a light hearted material and it fitted that.

The story is about a pharmacy shop owner “Varney” in a small American town. Varney is having an unhappy marriage with a fitness freak wife who pushes him around and it doesn’t help his Father In Law who was the former owner of the pharmacy doesn’t give a damn about Varney. In this background he gets attracted to a new resident of the town and his customer, a trophy wife. The sequence leading to the adultery are certainly cliché. When the couple decide to kill the rich husband I was worried that it will get more uninteresting, fortunately the director has created the sequence with a humour twist which made it palatable. I enjoyed the way Varney handles the Ninja obsession of his son, joining him in vandalizing his own store.

Apart from the adultery and the events leading to it, the story shows the unpleasant effects of pharmacy drug abuse/overuse. This problem is becoming one of the major causes of death in developed world and creeping into rest of the world.


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