The first time I saw Titanic was in Feb ‘98 at London, U.K. during my first abroad trip. I didn’t know anything about the movie and little about the original tragedy, so when my friend in London invited me to the movie with his family, I had little expectation, but I was excited in being to a theatre outside India. Needless to say, the movie took my breath, it was brilliant and kept me thinking for many days. After which I have watched and enjoyed the other two movies of James Cameron – Abyss (which actually was a predecessor to Titanic movie) and Avatar 3D.

15 years after that I went to see the movie again this Friday. This time at INOX, Chennai and with my 8-year-old son – who knew more about RMS Titanic & the movie than me. He was super excited to be there and enjoyed the movie thoroughly. The original movie in 2D itself with its sets and interior were awesome, now being converted by Computer Graphics to 3D made it better. Unlike Avatar “3D” which was shot in 3D, Titanic 3D being a converted from 2D the effects were subtle, but the story and music compensated for all that.

A nice entrepreneur idea by the producers (James Cameron & 20th Century Fox) of the movie to re-release it this year commemorating the century of the original tragedy and to have no one complaining that they are exploiting a tragedy.

Titanic 3D (1997)

Titanic 3D (1997)

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