I noticed on the US Consulate (Chennai) FaceBook page they are showing in the Consulate Library as part of their Saturday Matinee the movie “Abyss” by Titanic & Avatar fame James Cameron.  I was not sure whether it will be worth the effort to go for it – there may be too much crowd and long waiting (as the show is free for all), and painful security restrictions at the consulate gates. In the end, it was all easy. I went in about 45 minutes before the show, spent the time in their well-furnished library reading books, then went to the auditorium for 10 minutes and the movie started early. Security was smooth – you should ensure you carry a valid Government ID with Photo, any cell phones you can deposit at the gate and collect back (I didn’t take that risk, left my cell phone at home), and no parking available nearby so leave your vehicle behind and go by Auto-rickshaw or Bus.

As far as the movie “Abyss”, it was taken in 1989 before Titanic. It was happenings inside an underwater Oil rig several hundred feet below sea level on a mission to check out a nuclear submarine that crashed. The highlight of the movie is the deep underwater scenes all brilliantly taken by Cameron. A diver going more than 16,000 feet underwater in a wet suit breathing liquid and encounters Aliens who save the entire team – both of which are beyond what we may believe, but nevertheless nicely told. I didn’t know about this movie and I would have missed it, had it not been for the special show by the US Consulate today, thanks to them.

On YouTube now, I saw these videos on the Making of Abyss. This shows the tremendous effort the film crew made in shooting this film, by hiring an abandoned Nuclear Power plant!

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in Abyss (1989)

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in Abyss (1989)

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