After showing preview of Silverlight for Mobile two years back, Microsoft has been absolutely silent. Since there was no news for a long time I presumed they have killed this project. After seeing this session today I am glad the project is alive and getting closer to release. In this session by Amit Chopra and Giorgio Sardo, they talked more about this – both the speakers did a fabulous job of entertaining the audience and making the session fun.

Microsoft Silverlight for Mobile Demo – PDC2008

Notes on the session:

  • The Mobile version of Silverlight will be Silverlight 2.0 with .NET Managed code support and not the SL v1 with JavaScript (Thank god)
  • Public CTP will be released in Q1 ’09
  • Most of the Silverlight applications written for desktop today can run in SL for Mobile
  • A new emulator for debugging Silverlight for Mobile is now integrated with Visual Studio
  • By using the User-Agent and Platform class you can determine whether your application is running in Desktop, Windows Mobile or Nokia phones, etc.
  • Lot of optimisation work is happening to play media well on SL for Mobile

You can see one of the demos in the video below that was shown running in a Windows Mobile:

You can read here an interview with Amit Chopra by Register, where talks about what’s in and what’s out.

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