Last Sunday, I had some quality leisure time to spend with my son. I started by opening a Tom and Jerry Puzzle that he has – boy I didn’t remember that puzzles were fun and also tough. Being a 3 year restless kid, after 180 seconds he became bored by it and started playing on his own, but I spent the next 20 minutes and completed the puzzle. In this materialistic world, we miss out on these simple activities like a Puzzle. To prove that I did complete it, here is the photo:

Tom and Jerry Puzzle completed by Venkatarangan TNC

The next I did with my son was to watch a DVD with him. Some how the cartoons I consider otherwise kiddish, becomes fun while watching with him. In his School (Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan) for Pre-KG that he is studying they are teaching him Vegetables. So he is excited whenever he sees a Vegetable (with the ‘t’ pronounced bold by him). So while shopping in LandMark my wife picked up this DVD on Vegetables, though I buy many CD/DVD everytime I travel, my wife gets lucky in picking the good ones.  Past experience for me with buying Indian made Kid CD/DVDs were not good – the CDs were not made as interesting to kids as the western made one’s like Oswald/Barney/TeleTubbies. The exception to this, was the hugely successful “Hanuman” DVD. To my surprise, this DVD on Vegetables was made very well – the DVD has made a boring topic like teaching Vegetables fun, as it was told in a story format with good animation and characters. I recommend this for any kid below 5 years. I wishes to the maker of this DVD – Gipsy.

Vegetable DVD (Click for full cover view)
(Click to view the cover and story brief)

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