I am surprised that a developed country like the USA has problems in Elections; I am talking about the problems in Florida during the last US presidential election. This time too around they appear to have issues. In this year (2004) USA presidential elections, they are planning to use Electronic Voting Machines in about 1/4th of places, but even for this, there are huge hue-and-cry about the effectiveness/correctness/security of EVMs.

In India *a developing country* we have been using our own indigenous EVMs for over a decade now. In fact, in this year Parliament elections in India, we used EVMs all across the country. And this was for an electorate of over 600 million, out of that probably over 40% are illiterate as well and with hundreds of different Political Parties. Still, we had no nearly no issues with EVMs, people voted peacefully, effectively & decisively. And we got a new government in place in no time. All this was possible because of the great Indian Democracy and thanks to our Autonomous Indian Election Commission. Election Commission is a constitutional authority in India which is independent and vested with powers to run free-and-fair elections in India. It has been doing the job fairly successful for the last 50 years plus.

I have always admired the expertise of Indian Election Commission (EC) and seeing this news, I can’t help but feel that United States, apart from IT Services, should start to *Outsource Elections* to India. If our EC can do it for 600 Million People, shouldn’t it be easy for it to do for a developed country of just over 200 Million and two major parties?.

Anyways, the world is now recognizing India’s expertise in Elections. Yesterday United Nations (UN) has signed a MOU with EC seeking its help to conduct elections in Afghanistan and Iraq.

What do you think about this?. Post in the comments link below.

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