I was initially intrigued by the prospect of Sathyaraj, one of Indian cinema’s most versatile actors, donning the superhero role in Weapon (2024). However, what I witnessed on screen was far from impressive. The first-day matinee show drew only a dozen other viewers out of 400 seats – an ominous sign that should’ve given us a clue about the film’s quality. Mangoidiots gives it a Rotten.

As we settled in for the two-hour ride, my excitement waned rapidly. The plot unfolded like a confusing collage of pages from various superhero comic books, stitched together with little cohesion or logic. Even Sathyaraj‘s appearance on screen near the interval couldn’t salvage the sinking ship that was Weapon (2024).

Director Guhan Senniappan had big ambitions, as evident in the engaging opening backstory involving Hitler, Netaji, and super-human serum. I was eagerly looking forward to a thrilling experience rivalling Hollywood’s Nazi evil geniuses theme – but sadly, things took a turn for the worse after that.

Vasanth Ravi‘s role is incomprehensible, to say the least. We are left wondering why the numerous villains do whatever they do. The screenplay’s narrative style jumps between flashbacks, century-old past events, and present-day scenes with little warning or logic. This constant switching left me disoriented and struggling to follow the story. Add to this the film’s visually dark tone (often veering into greyscale) and incomprehensible dialogues from the masked man character – it was a recipe for frustration.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that after the interval, my friends and I wished those routine PVR cinema ads would never end before we had to return to this cinematic mess. In conclusion, Weapon (2024) is best left unwatched unless you have super tolerance and a willingness to tolerate confusing plot twists.

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