The film had an interesting narrative style. In most scenes, we get dropped in the middle of the happenings, there were no gaps between scenes or context provided. This was profound in the first thirty minutes when we see countless characters in a bachelor pad and haphazardly several events happening. We are confused, only to understand what the director Satish Selvakumar had conveyed when the courtroom drama unfolds in the second half. Bachelor (2021) starring Divya Bharathi and G V Prakash Kumar becomes memorable only near the climax, which means you need to endure more than two hours of the slow and quirky screenplay. Due to its length, the film gets a Raw in our mangoidiots scale.

The protagonist in the film is not your typical hero. His strength is his family and friends, who offer their unconditional support to him. They don’t encourage his mistakes or gain like in Gopura Vasalile (1991), but they fail to chastise him. This is a side of friends we don’t see often in Indian films.  Surprisingly, we even learn the name of the protagonist only near the climax. G V Prakash was a perfect cast for the role, kudos to him. Similarly, Divya Bharathi as the female lead has brought to life the strong-willed woman Subbu character.

The courtroom drama portions were a modern-day version of ‘Mike’ Mohan and Poornima‘s Vidhi (1984) film, reflecting how our society including courtrooms and lawyers has changed in the four decades. Today’s South Indian youth have moved unmistakably towards individualism and are unbridled by tradition, yet depend on their kith and kin.

Munishkanth and Bagavathi Perumal have been given familiar roles but they leave their mark. Mysskin comes in a character reminding the one he had in Super Deluxe, yet his brief appearance was memorable.

Divya Bharathi and G. V. Prakash Kumar

Divya Bharathi and G. V. Prakash Kumar

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