Clear History (2013) is one of those simplest comedy films that don’t try hard and just coasts along – not being bad and neither being good. A good man with bad luck planning to take revenge on his former business partner. The screenplay starts well, but then completely loses its way, to regain a bit in the climax. Benefitting from a good cast, it manages to get a Raw rating and is available on Disney+ Hotstar.

Larry David, from Whatever works (2009) and co-creator of Seinfeld, is the protagonist. First, he comes as Nathon Flomm, an eccentric marketing expert for an electric car startup. After a disagreement over the name Howard for the EV car, with the founder Will Haney (played by Mad Men fame Jon Hamm) Nathon walks away. After this, the company becomes a success. Ashamed and Sad with his bad judgement, Nathon moves to Martha’s vineyard and takes a new identity as Rolly Davore. One day, he sees Will Haney and his wife Rhonda (Kate Hudson) moving to the island; Rolly now plans his revenge, did he succeed, is the story.

Larry David has played well as a friendly resident of the local community, he fits the role perfectly. Equally impressive was Kate Hudson as Rhonda the scene where she is shocked when Rolly kisses her suddenly was memorable.

Clear History (2013)

Clear History (2013)

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