Red Sparrow (2018) is a spy thriller played between Russia and America, which keeps you engaged due to Jennifer Lawrence excellent performance, unfortunately the thrill associated with this genre was largely missing, making the film to be average watch.  The movie is available on Disney+ Hotstar.

Dominika Egorov (Jennifer Lawrence) is a successful ballerina in Moscow whose career is stopped due to onstage injury, she then gets recruited by Russia’s spy agency. After her successful training, she is sent to Budapest to befriend & seduce an American CIA agent to extract the identity of an American mole in Russia. Did she succeed?

Till the end, we are to be kept guessing whether Dominika is a Russian Patriot or a Double-Agent or is she Triple-crossing for her own benefit, but we were not – the screenplay just keeps you confused. In the absence of a powerful villain, and, only a few tricky situations for Dominika the movie just drifts along.

Jennifer Lawrence & Joel Edgerton

Jennifer Lawrence & Joel Edgerton

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