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Johnny (2018)

ஜானி(Johnny) starring Prashanth & Sanchita Shetty is a crime film that you wish to hate, but still, end up watching due to some brisk screenplay. The story is about five partners who are running a gambling house, who get into a huge drug trade which goes wrong and gets many of them killed. I like many of Prasanth’s earlier films including Chembaruthi (1992), Vanna Vanna Pookkal (1992) – a film that has two of my favourite Tamil songs, Jeans (1998) and Winner (2003). In this film, he comes as one of the partners and has tried hard to give his best – but the man has to exercise and trim himself if he wishes to still play the hero roles. Sanchita Shetty comes as the unwed wife of one of the partners played by Ashutosh Rana, yet her character is in love with Prasanth and they are having an affair – she adds the necessary glamour to otherwise ordinary greed that has gone the wrong film. Veteran Prabhu, has done the elderly partner in the gang well. Others including Sayagi Shinde, Anandaraj and Devadarshini keep coming and going. 

Throughout the film, nearly half a dozen of the characters get murdered in private and public places, but the Police seem to be doing nothing – if you set aside this monumental logic gap, you can enjoy this film, I did!

ஜானி (2018)
ஜானி (2018) – Prashanth & Sanchita Shetty

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