Can you imagine Mottai Rajendran being called “beautiful”?.

Ganesh alias Vedhalam (Ajith) gets down in Kolkata Railway station along with his sister Thamizh (Lakshmi Menon) and encounter Kolkata Kaali (Rajendran) who gets the greeting “beautiful” from Ajith in the opening scene in Vedhalam (வேதாளம்).

Thamizh has come to Kolkata to do her graduation in “Arts” along with her caring brother Ganesh. As soon as the house owner “Comedy Time” Mayilswamy opens the door to their rented place, the brother and sister duo start describing their vision of furnishing the weathered place with a Fridge, LCD TV and Air Condition taking Mayilswamy by complete surprise. Soori as Laxmidas tries his best to bring comedy relief but hardly gets the room except for his introductory scene where he does an intelligent (really) interview of Ganesh before appointing him as a driver in his taxi company.

I liked the second encounter scene where Ajith getting out of a lift keeps running on the side walls while shooting everyone on his way. Next to Ajith, Lakshmi Menon has got the biggest scope in the film and she has utilised it well. I enjoyed the flashback scene where she befriends an entire rowdy gang who have come to attack her, by drawing their portraits in fashionable poses. Director Siva has managed to include a few of such memorable scenes in an otherwise cookie-cutter revenge storyline. Though it’s touched upon briefly the flashback about the sufferings of girls in the international flesh trade, still makes your heart feel heavy. Thambi Ramaiah as Thamizh’s visually challenged father has shown that he has become a versatile actor capable of comedy as well as sentiment performances. Vidyullekha Raman has a small role in the flashback as Lakshmi Menon’s friend but she has made good use of it.


If you are wondering why I haven’t written yet about the heroine Shruti Haasan, there is really nothing to say. She comes as a budding lawyer and manages to act in a short(s) song in an abroad location with Ajith, that’s all. It’s getting stale to see Ajith in Salt ‘n’ Pepper throughout the film, he will do himself a favour by getting out of this mould.

In summary, the film is a treat for Ajith‘s fans, with enough fighting sequences to thrill them. Nothing more, nothing less.

Vedhalam (வேதாளம்).

Vedhalam (வேதாளம்).

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