Thoongaa Vanam starring Kamal Hassan, Trisha and Prakash Raj is a faithful adaptation of a 2011 French film Sleepless night by Director Rajesh M. Selva  is about how a drug gang and bad apples in police gets busted. The narration style of pivoting around a single location, in this case a night club “Insomnia” is rare in Indian movies, and I like it. Success of this film in box office proves that Tamil audience of today need not be explained everything in detail, like what led to CK Diwakar IRS (Kamal Haasan) and Dr.Sujatha (Asha Sarath) getting separated or why Diwakar’s past accomplishments in law enforcement for him to be regarded as a Hero by later recruits in police service including Mallika played by Trisha.

Diwakar gets wounded in his stomach in the first few minutes and throughout the film we are left worrying for his well being especially when he gets into a fight and bleeds. Music composer Ghibran as helped in maintaining the fast pace of the film through this background score.

The little boy Aman Abdullah who acts as Diwakar’s son Vasu has done a good job. For Prakash Raj, the role as a drug dealer and nightclub owner Vittal Rao comes out effortlessly. For Trisha, the action role in this film is a welcome relief to exhibit other facets of her acting, the fight scene with Kamal inside the kitchen was outstanding and a treat to watch. Appreciation is due to the director for bringing out the best from every single cast in the film, right from Kishore as Dhiraviyam, Yugi Sethu as Mani, Madhu Shalini as Esther, Jagan, Uma Riyaz Khan and comedian Sams (சாம்ஸ்) who has acted as a cook.

In short, a must see of this year in action genre.


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