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Rayars Mess

Rayar's Cafe off Kutchery Road, Mylapore (Chennai)

Rayar’s Mess a.k.a Rayar’s Cafe is one of the oldest eateries in Chennai. Located now in Arundale Road (off Kutchery Road) it is a small mess, mess in colloquial usage in Chennai means a place where the owner himself/herself generally cooks the food which ensures the taste & quality of food; also indicating the place is little more than a hole in wall and food is cheap.

Rayar’s mess is over 70 years old, run continuously by 3 generations.They are famous for their homely service and tasty Dosa’s and Pongal (dish). The first time I went there was nearly 25 years back along with a foodie school friend (L.R.Rajesh) when they were in the back of an old home in the main road (kutchery road) itself. For last 10+ years they had moved to a different place in near-by Arundale Street.

Today I went there along with a friend. The mess is tugged inside a small place with cramped seating for about 12. Both of us had  several vadas, idlis and a cup of coffee each. The food was definitely authentic, piping hot, lip smackingly yummy chutneys and cheap. But the cleanliness and the space leaves much to be desired. I guess I have grown up exposed to cleaner places and my expectations have changed.

Rayar's Cafe off Kutchery Road, Mylapore (Chennai)

Rayar’s Cafe off Kutchery Road, Mylapore (Chennai)